ABI / TBI Vocational Services
ABI/TBI Vocational Services

EO's ABI Divisions Vocational Programming assists our clients to find and maintain employment.

Below are some of the programs that we currently offer - For more information please call (203) 267-3810

Art Program

The ABI Division's Vocational Art Program not only provides our clients with art based vocational training, but also supports the development of individual creativity, Self-exploration and social skills. Furthermore, the Art Program has enabled a number of our clients to be successful through creative experience. Their work has been shown in galleries and has enabled our clients to generate their own personal incomes over the long-term through their own and very personal artistic expression.

Horticultural Program

The ABI Division's Vocational Horticultural Program was developed to take advantage of the New England landscape that many of our clients are situated in. In the Vocational Horticultural Program, clients and staff work together to grow vegetable gardens, plant seasonal shrubbery and develop seedlings. The program involves both body and mind, and enables our clients to learn vocational and social skills.


These services are utilized to aid our clients in developing the skills necessary to return to the workforce. Our trained staff members work with our clients in a number of settings and aid in their development of the skills necessary to successfully reintegrate into traditional employment settings.

Supported Employment

These services are utilized to provide ongoing, intensive support to our clients in competitively paid employment environments. Supported employment is conducted in a variety of settings, both internal to EO industries and within integrated community work sites.
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Additional Support Services Offered:

Independent Living Skills Training (ILST)

These services are provided by certified staff members, in a one to one capacity, to aid our clients to develop the skills necessary to move towards independence in the community. Staff members partner with our clients to teach life skills such as personal care, money management, housekeeping and decision making.

Companion Services

These services are provided to offer our clients the opportunity for community exploration with support and provides the reinforcement of ILST learning goals. Companion level staff members are able to accompany clients into the community for leisure and social based activities, while also working with our clients to maintain the gains they have made through ILST services.

CLSS Services

There services are utilized to provide support for clients who are living in a shared living situation.
For more information, please contact (203) 267-3810