DDS Residential Services
DDS Residential Services

EO Industries DDS division is a contracted qualified vendor with the Department of Developmental Services to provide the following residential services:

Residential Programs CTEO Industries DDS division prides itself in developing innovative approaches to 24 hour care. In many of our residential programs, we have adopted a staff live-in model of care. In addition to our traditional shift to shift staffed programs, our live-in staff model provides an innovative and unique alternative to the familiar shift to shift change of staff. A typical 24 hour staff schedule has numerous staff interacting with a consumer, creating inconsistencies of approach and interventions even among the best of staff. In traditional residential programs, consumers live their lives adjusting to people, and many consumers have a difficult time with these human transitions. At best, the environment is far from normalized. In short, shifted work by its nature is extremely difficult to operate without being institutional. We have adopted a model to help eliminate these issues.

At EO Industries DDS division, we put relationships at the forefront of what we do. Deep, meaningful relationships among staff and consumers are not only sought but expected. We have seen the impact of these relationships time and time again on the quality of life, self-esteem, behavioral dissipation and personal growth of the consumers in our program. Our live-in program is clearly not for everyone, but this option has been very successful for many. Parents and guardians have been drawn to this model given the strong relationships developed and limited number of staff interactions with the consumer. Each live - in staff is highly trained and is provided with relief staff and respite situations to avoid burnout. For more information on this model please call (203) 267-3810.DDS Residential Services

EO Industries DDS division provides support staff to consumers living in their own home who need intermittent daily support to help with life skills, safety skills, shopping, assistance with finances and other individualized supports. The agency provides these services in many areas of the state including the Bridgeport, Waterbury and New Haven areas.

DDS Behavioral Services

EO Industries DDS Division is dedicated to serving adults who are faced with significant behavioral challenges. EO’s DDS Division offers behavioral services to individuals with varying degrees of developmental disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, Intellectual Disabilities (mild range to profound range of functioning) with a co-diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Genetic Disorder (such as Down’s Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome) or a mental health disorder (Schizophrenia, Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, etc). Behavioral services are offered in our residential programs and day program.

Positive Behavior Support Plans are individually tailored interventions in order to precisely measure and track progress towards improving the individual’s quality of life. A thorough Functional Behavioral Assessment is completed to better understand the purpose a behavior of concern may fulfill. Comprehensive multi-component interventions are utilized resulting in proactive, DDS Behavioral Servicespositive, educative behavior support plans based on the function maintaining the inappropriate behavior in a given setting. The development and implementation of such a plan requires the input of the individual’s multi-disciplinary team. The ultimate goal is to empower individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health disorders, to achieve their highest potential in the least restrictive environment possible by aiding individuals in developing essential life skills. This helps promote independence, self-sufficiency and maximizes the quality of life of the individuals whom we serve.

All support staff are fully trained on an individual’s specific programs and plans. In addition, support staff receive Positive Behavior Support Training and Crisis Intervention Training to safely and effectively work with individuals who may present with significant behavioral challenges. Staff receive on-going training and modeling from the behavioral and management team throughout all settings.

EO Industries DDS Division works in collaboration with local school systems to provide individuals with assistance in transitioning from a school setting into a day program setting. Behavioral services are also available to young adults who may present with behavioral challenges or experiencing difficulties with transitioning from a familiar setting (school setting) to an unfamiliar setting (day program setting).

For more information, please contact us at (203) 267-3810.